Well, that didn’t take long.

After launching in April of this year, we learned very quickly that the grand plans we had for Shirseys.com weren’t so grand after all.  We knew that we would need to take baby steps toward reaching our goal of getting everyone on the planet to go from calling t-shirt jerseys and player name and number shirts to “shirseys,” but we also discovered that we could be offering you guys a heckuva lot more.  We discovered a site that specialized in movie shirseys (we’re looking at you, MyPartyShirt.com), and we were approached by a few companies that we’re looking to trade out their typical t-shirt offerings for one that was more jersey-ish.  We even recruited a few folks to create custom designs for us.

We’ve worked closely with Cuberis (Durham, N.C.) on the web design, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  We’re still an affiliate of the big four sports leagues and link off to their respective shirseys/customizable shirt shop pages.  In addition to the Twitter and Facebook feeds we’re also adding this blog.  We’re going to try to fill this space with fan, media and apparel manufacturer interviews, and will continue to try to showcase pictures of fans proudly rocking their shirseys to ballgames, around town and even, as we’ve seen more than once, to a wedding.  Strong.

Cuberis. Check ‘em out.

We want to thank everyone who’s helped spread the word thus far.  And we want to encourage people to keep participating in the great shirsey debate:

Is it spelled shirsey of shersey? (We don’t care.  We prefer it with an “i” but we’re splitting hairs.)

I don’t like the word “shirsey,” but I can’t think of anything better to call them. (Our point, exactly.)

Good lord, Torii, if you want the shirt all you have to do is ask!

And so on, and so on.  Recently, there have been some pretty lively Twitter discussions following a shirsey-related post by ESPNW’s Amanda Rykoff (@amandarykoff) and a Yahoo – Big League Stew article by Dave Brown (@answerdave) where he calls out a Mantle shirsey-wearing Yankee fan for his, um, patriotic love of the Mick.  In both cases, while it may seem like no big deal to Rykoff and Brown, their use of “shirsey” in their posts is huge.

So, whether you like the word or hate it, thanks for visiting Shirseys.com.  More to come…