Come on, Tom.


The NFL lockout is finally over, bringing meaning and purpose back to our Sunday afternoons.

It also means that the beer and bratwurst industries can breathe a sign of relief.  And Tom Brady can afford a haircut.

And Jerry Jones can take his hundred and seventy-five foot television off ebay.

They locked out and shut down operations for months, so there must be major changes, right?  Eighteen game season?  Nope.  Better benefits for retired players?  Let’s hope so.  The major change was the rookie pay scale, so unproven newcomers won’t be the highest paid player on a team.

Great, but what does any of this have to do with shirseys?  Glad you asked.

With the shortened offseason and new rules around salary caps and minimum team salaries, there have been a huge number of players changing teams.  With nearly one hundred transactions on day one of this madness, there are now a lot of jerseys that won’t make sense anymore.  Reggie Bush’s Saints #25, Chad Ochocinco’s Bengals #85 and Kevin Kolb’s Eagles #4 some of the many that are outdated.  Let’s hope you didn’t spend $85 on a replica jersey, or worse, $250 on an authentic.


Opt for a shirsey instead because, well, who knows how long the Vikings will stick with Donovan at QB?  (He’s their fourth guy to have the role in the past 12 months).  You could get shirseys for the entire Minnesota offense (all 11 guys) for less than that soon to be obsolete McNabb #5 authentic jersey.

Here are a few other things you can also be sure of:

  • There will never be any real NFL time missed.  $10 billion (eventually) gets everyone’s attention.
  • Brett Favre will be wearing #4 for someone (good lord) and crushing the hopes of a fan base.  (To whoever is considering this, please sign Vinny Testaverde instead)
  • And when your favorite player ends up playing for the enemy, you’ll be stuck with an expensive jersey taking up space in your closet.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to get back to helping NY Giants fans return their Plaxico jerseys…