Big last few weeks here at…landed our first two bulk/corporate deals!

The first client to jump on board – in what we think is legitimately a really smart move (no bias…riiiiight) – was Joe Theismann’s Restaurant in Alexandria, Va.  They’ve had several t-shirt designs over the years (see the pic below of Mrs. Shirsey in an old school Theismann’s Restaurant shirt), but decided to go the shirsey route with their most recent order.  It makes sense – Joe played football, fans own his Redskins shirseys, so why not roll it out for the restaurant as well?  After a few back and forth designs, we settled on what you see in the pic here.  Turned out great.




Shortly thereafter, Cuberis (the Durham, N.C.-based designer behind jumped onboard and made a custom shirsey order of its own.  Company founder Ray Parrish and his crew hosted an open house to show off their new office and because they are more creative and use a different part of their brains than the average human being, they came up with the ingenious idea of giving the event and staff uniform a baseball theme.  Needless to say, the final product is awesome.  You can see a shot of the Cuberis staff on the homepage of on the bulk order button as well as in the pic below.  Thanks again, gang – not only does the new site look incredible, but the staff shots from your open house are equally awesome.



We’ve also introduced two new custom shirsey designs on our site at  Let’s just say that if you’re a Mavs or Cardinals fan (or Dirk or Albert, if we’re really dropping hints) then you’re in luck.  Enjoy.