Yes, an admittedly corny title, but it’s something we here at wanted to start.  We want to shed some light on shirsey references in the press, in blogs and on Twitter.  We’ll do an update here every week or so — links-collection style like you see on a million other sites, but hey, if it ain’t broke… — and if you see something we missed, shoot us an email at And away we go…

The elusive Berken shirsey.

1. The McCovey Chronicles provide a heretofore rare shout out from the West Coast. Cut to Miguel Tejada: “Thanks…?” —

2. Yahoo’s Big League Stew delivers some more shirsey love. Same joke applies here. Cut to Jason Berken: “Thanks…?” — and the original story:

Nice work, fellas.

3. NBC Philadelphia offers shirsey-loving Philly fans tips on how to beat the heat in style and links off to shirsey offering in the process (nice!) —

Finally, the shirsey-related tweet of the week comes from Cardinals fan @ElMookador, who writes: “@MattSebek Not going to hide it, we had shirseys made up for the Dave Matthews show in 08″

As I replied then: “Well done wow”. Indeed.

Until next week.