Not surprisingly, this week’s shirs-alerts were dominated by the MLB trade deadline.  Lots of folks asking what they can do with old shirseys of players who have since been moved.    Options like “trash it” and “use it for a rag” are easy responses…but fortunately for us, there were some other pretty creative options thrown out there…

That's some aggressive taping.

1. Derrick Goold (@dgoold), writer for the St. Louis Post-Dipatch, snapped a photo of a fan following the Cardinals’ trading of Colby Rasmus that has since been viewed almost 5,000 times. The fan, seemingly equally as thrilled with Rass as he is with the Cardinals, threw together what is arguably the worst tape job man has ever seen.  Be sure to read the comments!  His picture was also linked to from NBC Sports’ Hardball Talk and SB Nation’s The Sports of St. Louis.

2. SB Nation also chipped on The Good Phight site, where they mention Chipper Jones’s affinity for, um, buffalo wings.  Check out the comments on this one too.  Comedy.

3. Finally, the shirsey-related tweet of the week is a tie, belonging to @batgirl1954 and @mattIttam, who both offered up some great wedding shirsey ideas:


@batgirl1954: @flairwithaB A friend of a friend did a few yrs ago and make shirseys that said “bride” “maid of honor” #socute

@mattIttam: @Shirseys after my friend proposed, they put in shirseys that said “she said yes” and “marry me””