When it comes to the word “shirsey,” no city embraces it like, well, like the city of brotherly love.  Philly.  Based on tweets alone, I’d say 25% come from Eagles/Phillies/Flyers/Sixers fans.

Where's the neon yellow and green color option?!

That said, with the Phillies recent trade for Hunter Pence and the rash of moves by the Flyers, there has been quite the talk about both the acquisition and liquidation of shirseys (respectively).  And away we go…

1. Frank Close of Philliedelphia re-posted a tweeted pic from @TrishaRose13 where she spotlights a Hunter Pence shirsey mecca at a PA Modell’s.  Of the aforementioned 25%, I’d say 99% of the recent tweets from this group are about Pence and the search for his new shirsey.  Impressive.  Ben Warwick of Fansided’s Rox Pile touched on the craze as well.

2. Nick Menta of The 700 Level dove deep into the problemthat sporting goods stores like Modell’s are having with leftover merchandise following the Flyers offseason roster slashing.  The “orange and black clearance rack” headline is perfect, and how about the pictures in the article?  Good lord is that a sea of shirseys.

Shedding a tear...

3. The shirsey-related tweet of the week comes from @dmfromtoronto who makes a great call that the people of Atlanta are hopefully all over:

“The @Braves need to get a Jose Costanza shersey on the market. Huge constituency of potential buyers”

Seriously, a legit Costanza shirsey? Come on Braves, make it happen.