While feeling sorry for Carolina Hurricanes shirsey owners, we came across these shirs-alerts.

Hardy hearts Vlad.

1. The 700 Club always represents, this time with two recent mentions. One, lauding the good karma of seeing a Roy Halladay shirsey first thing in the morning on a game day, and two, pointing out reliever Danys Baez rocking a fellow teammate’s camo shirsey. Wonder how that plays in the clubhouse…?

2. SB Nation Detroit ‘s Brian Packey discusses his Justin Verlander love.

3. Jordan Sams of SB Nation’s Liberty Ballers calls out ESPN’s NBA player rankings and challenges you to a bidding war over the worst player in the league.

4. And for the tweet of the week, well, it wasn’t even close.

@OverTheBaggy: Love that Hardy has a Vlad Guerrero shirsey on: RT @jordanschelling J.J. Hardy chatting with Drew Butera

Between Baez and Hardy, we’re digging this trend.

Seriously though, as N.C. natives, we hope everyone on the east coast takes cover, evacuates, etc. Be safe.