Dusting this sucker off…it’s been a while…

Here are some shirsey-related shout outs from the past couple of weeks:

1. Love two things about this one:  1) It’s our first shout out in the New York Times and 2) They put quotes around “shirsey”

2. This The Outside Corner article came out prior to the Theo deal getting done, but we’ve since seen Theo shirseys…unreal.

The apocolypse is officially upon us.

3. The Score finds humor in the Epstein situation as well.

4. Dom Brown shirsey owners may want to skip this PhillyBurbs.com article.

5. The Daily Times sheds some light on the average sports fan and why we might not be so quick to take the NBA back this time.

6. Somewhere, Jrue Holiday is wondering whether or not he should be flattered by this Liberty Ballers post.

7. That Balls Outta Here pokes fun at a Philly Enquirer writer.

8. A shirsey-showoff-session pops up on Reddit.

9. And finally, another example of the power of a shirsey. This time from our friends at Yahoo!’s Big League Stew.