Seriously, could there have been any more shirsey action this week?  Where to start?

1. As if Tim Tebow needed more headlines, he lands squarely in the middle of a Nike vs. Reebok shirsey debate. On its way out the official licensee door, Reebok breaks it shirt presses by rolling out roughly two billion Tebow shirseys. Ballsy. Needless to say, Nike was not amused.

2. This guy’s shirseys were also slightly well received.

The pride of... Cincinnati?

3. The NBA rolls out Twitter-handle shirseys. Cool, new idea, except…except…man, it sure seems like it’s not a new idea…it seems like someone else was already doing that…it seems…YEAH.  Take a bow TweetStarGame. And thanks to all those who recognized it immediately.

W. T. F.

4. Multiple outlets have destroyed what is easily the worst shirsey of all time. Seriously, if you have time to buy two shirseys, cut them in half, and sew them together, you better make sure it’s hilarious.  This, sir/ma’am, is not hilarious.

5. When a guy’s shirsey transcends the city in which his team plays.

6. And…when the guy himself transcends an entire sport.