From ESPN’s Darren Rovell: 

“Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III not only ended the year with the best selling jersey in the league, more of his No. 10 jerseys were sold in the NFL this fiscal year than any jersey in league history.”

The top 10:

Player Team
1. Robert Griffin III Redskins
2. Peyton Manning Broncos
3. Ray Lewis Ravens
4. Colin Kaepernick 49ers
5. Tom Brady Patriots
6. Andrew Luck Colts
7. Aaron Rodgers Packers
8. Victor Cruz Giants
9. Eli Manning Giants
10. Patrick Willis 49ers


No real huge surprises…except for one…holy Colin Kaepernick.  We knew he had a great run, but 4th highest selling jersey?  Strong.  We never get a response from the shop, but always wonder how this projects out to shirseys…

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