Still looks weird…but why not?

If you’ve been watching any NBA summer league action (and, c’mon, who isn’t?!?), you’ve noticed that more teams are trotting out the short sleeve jersey look (read: Adidas is forcing them to).

When the Warriors debuted the look last season, it was met with much head scratching and general dismay from the players.  Adidas counters that the sleeves provide full range of motion and are actually lighter.

What’s be interesting, is that along with the movement has come more use of the word “shersey” in articles (such as this one), and while we here at prefer the “i” spelling, we’ll take it.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this…with the hope that the NBA Union doesn’t hurt any momentum we’ve seen gained here.

Meanwhile, here are two recent articles on the top selling jerseys in the NFL and MLB.  It didn’t take long for several new names to burst onto the scene and fly up the charts!