When the word “shirsey” finally really takes off and becomes mainstream, while we would hope to take some credit, it would be the good folks at Cespedes Family BBQ that would have truly earned the lion’s share.  They’ve spent the offseason ranking the Top 10 shirseys for each of the big league clubs currently on ebay, and it has been nothing short of incredible.

There’s also been much additional shirsey chatter recently regarding the sleeved NBA jerseys (now, shirseys).  LeBron hates them, but apparently they are selling out like crazy.  Because the players complain, people assume they MUST be on their way out, but the NBA and adidas show no signs of slowing.  We’re not complaining.

The cherry on top of this recent media-driven shirsey love came yesterday when Michael Baumann of Grantland fame – with the help of the BBQ Crew – wrote a great shirsey primer heading into the season.  Be sure to check it out.

We hope you’re all having a good start to your Spring.  May your basketball jerseys have sleeves, and your barbecues have a Cuban theme!