ShirseyMonLogo_y5640lmc_zn2bnp6oWelp, this is the best thing ever.  From’s Cut 4’s Michael Claire earlier this week in San Diego:

“While you watched Giancarlo Stanton obliterate baseballs at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and Dellin Betances throw heat at the All-Star Game presented by MasterCard, there was still one other game going down at All-Star Week — and this one wasn’t televised.

If you’ve noticed everyone staring at their phones while wandering around town, trying desperately to catch the rarest of creatures, you know exactly what I’m talking about. No, not Pokemon Go, but rather Shirseymon Go, where instead of capturing bizarre cartoon monsters, you’re trying to find fans in the coolest jerseys and shirseys.”

Read the rest here.  Just an absolute work of art.