So what the hell is a shirsey anyway?

What, guy-in-the-red-shirt, no home-white Utley shirsey?!

I asked myself the same question two years ago when my cousin-in-law (if that’s even a thing) Alex from South Jersey told me how excited he was with his new Phillies Chase Utley shirsey. All I could offer back on the other end of the phone was dumb-founded silence. Did he just say an “Utley purse key”? No, that makes even less sense. An “Utley hershey?” Mmmmmm, but no.

An Utley shirsey.

I finally responded with an “ohh, yeah…hell yeah, nice, man,” but it wasn’t until about five minutes into the call that I finally did the math:

T-shirt + jersey = shirsey. I dig it.

Over the next several months I heard the word used 3-4 more times. I had gone nearly 30 years of never coming across “shirsey” — calling the ones I owned at the time: “t-shirt jerseys” — and now within three months I’ve got family members and buddies from different parts of the country throwing around the word as if it was commonplace. Maybe these people are all onto something, I thought…

…which led me to check on URL availability…

Philly loves them some shirseys. And we love us some Philly.

…which led me to where we are today, at We’ve started small – affiliates with the big pro league shops, offering bulk orders and selling a few custom designs, but more than anything we want to be a site where sports fans can gather, talk smack, share game stories and find other common folk that, like them, only have $20 to spend on their favorite player. Sure, jerseys are great, but why not buy a shirsey and save the money for beer, right?

Whether or not you like the word “shirsey” (or “shersey,” if you’re a hockey fan, we’ve learned) we think that it’s inarguable that some kind of official term needs to be applied here. If you want an Albert Pujols jersey, you type “Albert Pujols jersey” into a search engine. If you want a St. Louis Cardinals hat, you plug that in (or you swap “cap” in for “hat” — gasp! two options!). But if you want a Pujols t-shirt that has his name and number on the back like a jersey, well, we hope you have an hour and a half to spare. Sure you can find shops that sell a shirsey if you search for “Pujols t-shirt,” but unless you’re planning on checking the BBB and/or are OK with sending money orders to princes in Ghana, then you may want to keep searching.

Don’t believe us? Go try it…

Done yet? OK, stop. We’ll save you the time – to find what you’re looking for, from a reputable source (i.e. MLB or the Cardinals), you have to enter “Pujols Player Name & Number T-Shirt.” Seriously. All of that.

Typically the money you save by buying a shirsey would afford you actual seats, but nonetheless, this photo is awesome.

And it doesn’t stop there. Other sport leagues call them jersey t-shirts. Others, player name tees. Why, we ask, does every other top selling merchandise item have a set name, but shirseys don’t. EVERYONE wears these things to the park/field/stadium, yet manufacturers can’t agree on what to call them?


Our goal is simple: to serve as one of the leading retailers of officially licensed sports league shirseys and to help promote other t-shirt designers out there with funny and unique shirsey designs. We hope you like the site. We hope your friends like it. We hope you tweet (@Shirseys) and post ( about it incessantly. And the next time you see a shirsey and hear someone call it a t-shirt jersey, a player name and number tee, a hero tee, or whatever, please slap them.

All kidding aside…thanks for visiting Now, get out of here and start spreading the shirsey gospel!

Jake Fehling

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