Only Steamin’ Willie Beamen could go from being a 3rd stringer, to a rap superstar and playoff winning quarterback for the Miami Sharks.

Shark on the front.

Beamen 13 on the back.

Jamie Foxx starred in Any Given Sunday as “Steamin” Willie Beamen: The third-string quarterback. Beamen has a history that eventually led him to distrust his coaches. In particular, while playing for a previous franchise, Beamen was made into a defensive secondary player for having “fast feet” and was eventually injured while making a tackle. Beamen initially believes that racism played a major role in his history of being denied opportunities he desired, using an alternative of “placeism” to describe a lack of African-American quarterbacks and head coaches in pro football. He takes over as starter after injuries to Rooney and the backup quarterback. Though surprisingly successful, Beamen causes tension among staff and teammates. He frequently changes the plays the coach calls, or just calls his own. These acts create major tension with D’Amato. D’Amato respects Beamen’s athletic ability and acknowledges his talents warrant him to be a quarterback, but heavily criticizes his lack of leadership skills and intangibles. He begins a singing career and even asks owner Pagniacci for a date when she enters a postgame locker room full of naked or partly dressed players like himself. Beamen’s antics on and off the field eventually get him demoted to the bench by D’Amato, who firmly believes that a quarterback’s most important role is to lead the team and help keep them confident, both of which Beamen took a clear disregard for. Beamen later matures and is inspired by “Cap” Rooney’s gutsy performance in the Sharks’ first playoff game. (Wikipedia)


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